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About us

In 2009, Alex had been working for the largest pool cue manufacturer in the world for almost 10 years. The factory produced cues for well-known brands, such as Predatxx, Lucaxx, Dufferxx. For high standard pool cues, Alex pursues perfection and pays attention to all the fine details for cues, which was the requirement of these cue companies. “Making outstanding cues is my passion and I have devoted myself to it. I am only responsible for the creation of samples, only making around 20pcs per month. Even if the sample is perfect, but I want to make more cues for pool cue players" said Alex. But his life was changed until he met Bryan.

In 2017, Alex using the cue he did it himself played a pool tournament in a pool club that ran by Bryan. The number of competitors is close to 150. Alex not only good at making pool cues but also playing pool. It was quite a tough race because it takes 7 days, but Axle was able to hold on until the end. It was her first title from what was his first appearance in a tournament.

Pool hall chief Bryan presented gold medals to the champion Alex. His talent for playing pool and making cues surprised Bryan very much. They hit it off and became good friends as they are both love the billiards. "Nobody knows who you are if you keep making or playing pool, but 1 million players will remember us probably If we build pool cue brand", Bryan said to Alex. “That's a great vision!”, answered Alex. Finally, they founded the brand AB EARTH in 2018, supplying quality cues with a nice design for starters and intermediate players. Alex quit the factory then led the brand new team in making cues while Bryan was responsible for marketing strategy.

Nowadays, AB EARTH sold over 100,000 worldwide in 2019& which would seem to make it the best-selling online intermediate cue.

Why Choose AB EARTH Pool Cues?
Best selling online intermediate pool cue & house/bar cue brand with a lot of good reviews.

21 years of passion and technical experience of making quality pool cues.

Each series passes the strict test by over 100 skilled pool players around the world.

Our availability towards our customers'needs and an accurate after sales service have made us a fixed reference point in the world of billairds industry.